Independent U.S. Oil Producers

Russell Oil, Inc. is proud to be one of the small, independent producers that are the backbone of both the Mid-Continent and U.S. domestic energy industry.

Corporate Overview

Russell Oil, Inc. was incorporated January 1987 in Russell, Kansas as an operating company whose purpose was to assume operations of a group of oil and gas properties acquired by the company founders from Pioneer Operations Co, Inc.

From inception the focus of operations for Russell Oil, Inc. has been in the relatively shallow and profitable Mid-Continent region of the United States. Licensed to operate in Kansas and Oklahoma, the drilling and exploration activities have been focused in western Kansas. Through close association with highly reputable partners, Russell Oil, Inc. investors have joint ventured in significant Oklahoma oil and gas developments.

Russell Oil, Inc. currently operates 90 leases consisting of 157 wells located in 14 counties in central and northwest Kansas.

Ivan LeRoy Holt II

President, Russell Oil, Inc.

Corporate Overview

Edwards Trust E #26-1Wildcat Success

The Edwards Trust E #26-1 (2130’ FSL; 1358’ FEL Sec. 26-T15S-R35W), Logan County, KS has been successfully completed as a producing oil well. The successful wildcat well was drilled approximately 1 ½ miles northwest of the prolific American Beauty Field. Initial...

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Edwards Trust E #26-1 Drilling Ahead

Drilling operations commenced April 25, 2017 on the Edwards Trust E #26-1 (2310’ FSL; 1358’ FEL Sec. 26-T15S-R35W), Logan County, KS. The Edwards Trust E #26-1 is a wildcat well.  The location lies on trend 2 miles northwest of the American Beauty Field and...

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Porter B #21-1 on Production

The Porter B #21-1 (745’ FSL; 928’ FWL Sec. 21-T11S-R32W), Logan County, KS was drilled to 4725’ RTD and 4 ½” production casing set at 4712’ on January 14, 2017. Completion was finished and the well placed on the pump February 1, 2017. The well has initial production...

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