Drilling commenced on the Nuss C #2 (2115’ FSL; 1490’ FEL Sec. 32-T15S-R14W, Russell County, KS) today. Murfin/WW Drilling Rig #8 is providing rotary tools and is scheduled to drill to a proposed 3450’ RTD. Target zones include the Lansing-Kansas City and Arbuckle. The C #2 is a development well located in the prolific Nuss Field in the Milberger townsite area. he Rohleder Trust #28-1 (1105’ FNL; 1090’ FWL Sec. 28-T11S-R32W, Logan County, Kansas) was plugged as a dry hole May 5, 2019. The well, drilled by WW Drilling Rig #8, reached a 4770’ rotary total depth (RTD).